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Who We Are

Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to the people of Ukraine so that they may fulfill fundamental rights and freedoms such as right to life, right to appropriate and affordable medical care, freedom of belief and freedom for an adequate standard of living.

Our Mission

In partnership with the global community Revived Soldiers Ukraine works to promote awareness as to human rights and freedoms while delivering humanitarian aid to those in need.

Helping now...

Every day we continue to receive new requests to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

Here are some of our heroes...

Volodymyr Kovalskyi

We would like to introduce Volodymyr Kovalskyi  a wounded Ukrainian soldier, who needs both lower limbs prosthetics. Every day we continue to receive new requests to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers.



Volodymyr Kovalskyi is a 34 years old Ukrainian Army sergeant mechanic – engineer, served at the 14th platoon (based in Volodymyr-Volynskyi). As of March 2015 served in the East of Ukraine up until received a mine explosion wounds on March 15th, 2016 when Volodymyr’s group went on reconnaissance run into pro Russian occupied territory. Volodymyr was evacuated to hospital in Volnovaha and went through traumatic amputation of both lower limbs. Went from Dnipropetrovs’k Hospital to Kyiv Army Hospital. After receiving first prosthetics in Ukraine, Volodymyr started to train and compete at varies competition for people with disabilities such as “Games of the Heroes” and “Power of the Nation”. Volodymyr is originally from Kahovka, Kherson region and has a 10-month-old baby.  

By Volodymyr’s request, RSU is helping the soldier to receive two prosthetic legs with complicated shape for cultivator due to complicated amputations. Volodymyr is going to Orlando FL for the treatment and rehabilitation with the new prosthetic legs at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates. The cost RSU has to cover is $7,000 for both legs. 

Dmytro Medved

We would like to introduce Dmytro Medved (above), is a 33-year-old Ukrainian Army Captain, the commander of air defense missile platoon of 95th Airmobile Brigade, city Zhitomyr. He served in Ukrainian army since 2000 and retired from serving Ukraine on December 2007. Dmytro had to go back on March 2014 and serve as part of the mobile group of the Lugansk boarder detachment. When Russian occupied Crimea and threaten the war in the East of Ukraine Dmytro went straight to the war zone. The soldier served in hot spots such as: near by checkpoint Dovjanskiy, village Herasymovka, city Schastie, village Trehizbenka. Dmytro got severely wounded his spinal cord on Th 11,12 and L1,2,3 in firefight with pro Russian enemy in March 2015.

Right after Dmytro got wounded first surgery on his spine he received in city Starobelsk and after was transported by helicopter into intense care unit to Kharkiv Army Hospital and spend there one and a half month. Then Dmytro spend one additional month in trauma unit. Then he started slowly rehabilitate and learn how to sit again and balance his body in sitting position. As of right now Dmytro works at Kharkiv Institute of prosthetics as an adaptation coach. Dmytro is continuing on rehabilitating himself and actively trying verity of sports programs. Because of lack of modern and advance rehabilitation in Ukraine for paralyzed/wounded soldiers, Revived Soldiers Ukraine brought Dmytro to the “Next Step” Center for Paralyzed in Los Angeles and he is successfully undergoing one year long rehabilitation. The rehabilitation will help Dmytro to restore sensitivity in his legs and hopefully he will learn how to walk again. We need your help to collect funds and pay for the cost of the rehabilitation $1,375/month, room and board for the soldier while in L.A.

Ruslan Yarysh

We would like to introduce Ruslan Yarysh (above), a paralyzed waist down Ukrainian soldier, who needs our help and assistance. Every day we continue to receive new requests to help wounded Ukrainian soldiers. Ruslan is from Mykolaiv region. He is married and has 8 years old daughter

Ruslan Yarysh is a 27 years old Ukrainian soldier, who was paralyzed from the waist down from wounds he received, while fighting in the ATO zone with the 79th Brigade. Ruslan served in Ukrainian army since 2011 by contract and first he served in the assaulting brigade and later got into reconnaissance unit. With developing conflict in the east of Ukraine in March 2014th, Ruslan was guarding south of Ukraine, border with Crimea and later his unit went to the East of Ukraine. On June 19th , 2014 nearby the village of Yampol, Ruslan was shoot down by a sniper when Ukrainian forces went forward to cover 25th brigade that got severe losses to pro Russian militia. Ruslan was sitting on top of military vehicle when the bullet crashed his scapula, went through his lung and damaged spinal cord as well as exploded just above the soldier. Ruslan was evacuated immediately and went into coma for 3 days in Kharkiv Army Hospital. Then the soldier has spent 13 days in intensive care unit and a half of a year in other spine cord and military hospitals. Ruslan is dreaming to get back on his feet and requested help from Revived soldiers Ukraine for a long term rehabilitation in Los Angeles at Next Step, which treats people with serious injuries of the central nervous system. The monthly costs of therapy, room and board cost us $2,500. We would like to give a chance to Ruslan to rehabilitate in the most advance spinal cord recovery institution in the US.

Evhen Redka

We would like to introduce Evhen Redka (above), a wounded Ukrainian soldier, who needs our help and assistance. 

Evhen Redka is a 28 year old Ukrainian soldier from the 56th Brigade. On June 6, 2017, near the village of Gnytovo in the Eastern Ukraine, he was clearing a road ahead of an army column, when a mine exploded next to him. Evhen was seriously wounded. He lost an eye, an arm, and had other injuries. Through generous volunteers and donations he has already received a prosthetic arm.

RSU is helping to save his right eye with a cornea transplant, which is not available in Ukraine. At the Wills Eye Hospital Evhen has received a cost free cornea transplant surgery on his right eye. We are also looking to provide Evhen with needed plastic surgery, foot surgery, dental reconstructive work and therapy. 

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